ActiveSync16 for Email+ iOS devices (Early feature preview)

ActiveSync16 for Email+ iOS devices (Early feature preview)

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Email+ 4.1.0 now supports "ActiveSync 16" protocol for iOS devices. The "ActiveSync 16" protocol allows mobile devices to synchronize email and other data with Microsoft Exchange mailbox. The ActiveSync 16 protocol supports latest Exchange platform starting from Exchange 2016 and Exchange Online.

All iOS devices supported by Email+ will have ActiveSync 16 once it is enabled.

Previously, Microsoft announced Draft Folder synchronization for the first time with ActiveSync protocol version 16. The capability to sync draft messages between devices is now available on the Email+ app.

Email+4.1.0 for iOS provides an early preview of the following capabilities that are now supported through ActiveSynce16 protocol:
  1. ActiveSync 16 support: Sets up the synchronization engine to use ActiveSync 16 protocol.
  2. Display BCC contacts in Sent items: Allows the sender to view BCC contacts in sent emails.
  3. Calendar attachments: Calendar attachments are synced through ActiveSync 16 protocol instead of EWS. However, the email_ews_host key-value pair is still required for notifications.
  4. Drafts folder synchronization: Enables access and editing of emails in the Drafts folder from all the devices synchronized with Exchange server.
To enable these features two new values are added to enabled_features key-value pair:






Enables the new synchronization engine that syncs data in Email+ with modern architecture, fixes, and improvements. It supports the ActiveSynce16 protocol and is required to enable eas_16.


Enables ActiveSync 16 which makes the following features available:

  1. Display BCC contacts in Sent items
  2. Calendar attachments are synced via ActiveSync 16 protocol instead of EWS. With eas_16 enabled, “calendar_ attachments”:“true” and “email_ews_ host”:“<host>” KVPs are no longer required to see event attachments
  3. Drafts are synced with the server If the server doesn’t support ActiveSync 16.0 or newer, mentioned features won’t be enabled and Email+ app will work as per the current settings.
Currently, these features are disabled by default. The admins can enable the feature previews by configuring the modern_sync_engine and eas_16 values for enabled_features key-value pair.
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